See Enhanced Productivity with Novatech’s 2D Copiers

Novatech’s copiers combine the capabilities of multiple pieces of office equipment. With them, you can:

Print & Copy Documents

Our devices can produce hundreds of pages in color or black-and-white in a few minutes. Their innovative, EPEAT-certified designs allow you to save on energy and supplies without compromising on print quality or productivity.

Scan & Fax/Email/Save Documents

Novatech’s copiers can also scan hundreds or thousands of pages in minutes. Standard dual scanning lets you save even more time.

After you’ve scanned a document, you can:

  • Create XPS, PDF or JPEG files
  • Send files out via analog or PC-fax
  • Store files on USB drives or document management systems

Novatech’s Document Solutions

Our hardware is just one piece of the vision that we offer. Another major component is our selection of Document Solutions, which give you the power to manage information and complete tasks better than ever before. Our available solutions include:

See the Content Management, Cost Recovery and Advanced Capture sections of our website to learn more.

For specifications on our copiers, see our Product Catalog. To discuss how any of our products can help make your business vision real, contact us.