Acquisition Testimonials

Win-win All Around
It was a very difficult decision to sell our business, Novatech understood that and made the acquisition effortless. Novatech also gave us the opportunity to stay on and work for them and we both accepted that offer. With us being part of the Novatech team, we were able to ensure that our customers were given the same attention and service that they were accustomed to with Kopier Net and that our employees were treated with fairness and kindness.”
Kerri and Ted Kolwisz, Owners
Kopier Net
 We both have peace in our hearts
"I have experienced two business acquisitions in my career. The first being when Bobby and I purchased South Mississippi Business Machines, Inc. and the second when Novatech purchased South Mississippi Business Machines, Inc. from us. They both went well with a lot of details to be handled, but Novatech’s acquisition went a lot smoother due to the personnel they had in place to handle the transition. Darren Metz, Andrew Heggem and Jon Dreyer to name a few of their outstanding staff.”
Leonard Hill, President
South Mississippi Business Machines, Inc.