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At Novatech, we believe that today’s customer demands a full suite of office technology solutions, including Managed Print and Network Monitoring Services. Our goal is to build a fully-integrated, nationwide organization that delivers a full suite of IT solutions with the efficiency of a large-scale company and the responsiveness and customer care of a local entrepreneurial dealership.

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Your Legacy 

You have spent a lifetime building your business. Our goal is to honor your life’s work and provide you with the optimal liquidity event for your personal situation. We offer maximum flexibility and numerous options to address common shareholder concerns such as your employees, your post-sale career and reinvestment opportunities. We understand this is not simply about selling your business. You’re sharing your legacy. 

Our Team

Novatech has joined forces with Trivest Partners, a private equity firm providing succession planning. Novatech has the technical acumen and Trivest has the resources to build a nationwide presence. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. We have a full-time team devoted to acquisitions. This team is responsible for identifying and examining potential acquisition candidates, performing detailed analysis, valuation, due diligence, and all actions necessary to consummate an acquisition. 

If you are considering selling your company, we will be happy to work with you each step of the way. We can explain, in detail, the acquisition process, how values are derived, and what to expect before, during, and after the process.

Business Valuation



Novatech considers many factors to determine the overall value of a business.

We understand what you have put into your business to make it the success it is. Your staff and customer relationships are among your most valuable assets and our entire acquisition process is centered on maintaining and building upon such elements. They've made your business unique and a success. 

There are many variables that go into assessing the value of a business to our portfolio including geographical location, market position, vendor and customer relationships, management teams, reputation and growth potential. In addition to business and market analysis, our team performs detailed financial analyses, valuations, and due diligence prior to every transaction.

Our Strategy

Transaction Structure

Our unique “Just Say No!” structure removes many of the pain points of a typical acquisition transaction.

Just Say No to:

  • Required Shareholder "Rollover" Expenditure
  • Complex Stock Structure with Preferential Treatment To Other Equity Owners
  • Excessive Debt Leverage
  • Financing Contingencies
  • "Re-Trading" To A Lower Valuation Without Supporting Data

This approach is valued by sellers who are focused on a number of critical transaction elements, including:

  • Expanded Career Opportunities For Employees
  • Maintain the Highest Level of Customer Service
  • Alignment of Mutual Goals
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Full and Fair Valuation

Geographic Growth

We intend to enter new geographic markets by acquiring “key” companies.
We then will expand those key companies’ markets through the acquisition of satellite companies, which are typically in close geographic proximity to key companies. Our key companies may choose to continue to operate under their pre-acquisition names, and with their pre-acquisition management teams, thus preserving existing customer relationships. Satellite companies are integrated into our key companies by transferring some of the administrative functions from the satellite to the key company, or to Novatech as a whole.

Key Company Acquisitions

If your business is in a market where we already have a presence, or your business has some unique characteristics, call us to discuss. We are always happy to explore possibilities for a strategic combination. We look for key company acquisition candidates that (1) are led by an experienced management team who are committed to managing the company after we acquire it, (2) have a strong regional market presence, and reputation for service, and (3) can grow internally and through the acquisition of satellite companies.

Satellite Company Acquisitions

The main component of our growth strategy is to acquire satellite companies in, or near, our key companies’ markets. Key company management frequently identifies appropriate satellite acquisition candidates. In evaluating potential satellite acquisitions, we consider, among other factors, the potential satellite’s proximity to a key company, its customer base, its service contracts, and machines in the field.


Our experienced management team provides direct support and assistance after the acquisition transaction. We have a dedicated acquisition project lead who is available to provide support in the immediate days, weeks, and months of a sale, which we understand can be a disorienting time for your employees and customers. We provide efficiencies to our operating companies in the form of benefit programs and insurance. Our management team is available to provide assistance in a variety of disciplines, including human resources, benefits, insurance, service and sales productivity, accounting, and information systems support.

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If you are considering selling your company and would like to speak with a member of our Acquisitions team, please submit your contact information. We can explain the acquisition process, how values are derived and what to expect before, during and after the process.