Advantages of Automated Classification Solution

Novatech’s automated classification solution improves the speed and flexibility of your workflows. It gives you:

Optimal Information Organization and Prioritization

Our solution allows you to prioritize your information in order of importance. Thanks to sophisticated natural language processing and other technologies, you can trust that you’ll be able to find critical documents and data as soon as you need them. In turn, this can help you handle audits and e-Discovery better.

Fast, Convenient Content Retrieval

Novatech’s automated classification solution can generate metadata from the content in your archives. This enables you to find documents even faster, speeding up your analysis and decision-making processes.

Identification of Potential Risks and Threats

Our solution also allows you to spot data that doesn’t conform to your organization’s policies. You’ll have the ability to assess and deal with issues that could threaten your systems and business.

Effortless Data Archiving or Deletion

Automated classification makes it easier to determine which content needs to be stored and which needs to be removed. You can clean the clutter out of your systems without discarding some critical piece of information by mistake.

More Advanced Capture

Novatech has other solutions to improve how you capture information:

  • Automatic Data Extraction lets you gather up critical info with minimal effort.
  • Database Integration gives you the ability to combine data from a wide range of sources.
  • Table Extraction lets you capture and organize information in an easily digestible manner.
  • Data and Document Migration lets you take advantage of new systems while retaining your important content.

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