See Optimized Processing with Automatic Data Extraction

Novatech’s automatic data extraction solution allows you to see new levels of efficiency with your document processing. It gives you a variety of outstanding benefits, including:

Understanding Document Volumes

You’ll gain a greater understanding of your document filing and data entry processes. From there, you can start to fine-tune your workflows for more effective information handling.

Enhanced Processing Speed

When you’re dealing with time-sensitive documents and tasks, you can’t afford to waste any time. Our automatic data extraction solution will enable you to turn information around faster while meeting strict regulations for security and compliance.

Our solution gives you the power to:

  • Minimize or eliminate manual data entry through point-and-click features
  • Extract information based on its place in a particular file
  • Extract information from documents whose structures and layouts vary widely

Reliable Data Retrieval

Whenever you need to retrieve data, you’ll have the ability to do so in an instant. You can save information on a Document Management solution and find it with a simple search when you need it.

Greater ROI

Novatech’s automatic data extraction solution lets you send data to various applications, allowing you to enhance other critical business processes. You’ll reach new levels of productivity and profitability across your enterprise.

More Advanced Capture Solutions

Novatech has many more Advanced Capture solutions:

  • Database Integration makes it easier to work with fellow employees, vendors and partners.
  • Automated Classification helps you avoid processing errors and optimize your information management capabilities.
  • Table Extraction makes your data processing faster and more flexible.
  • Data and Document Migration enhances your business performance and competitive edge.

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