3 Reasons to Get A 3D Printer

3D Printers

The technology is incredible and you think it could benefit your company, but maybe you're still on the fence? We get that - that's why we dug into some cost-saving benefits and potential for innovation with today's 3D printers below.

3D Printers Save Money Long Term

Save money and build more - that's our answer to the question of whether or not to invest in a 3D printer. Still curious about how that works? Read on.

1. Create a product instead of purchasing

There are many options for creating products using the 3D printer instead of purchasing. It's also common in innovative industries to have an idea of how a product could be better, but not know how to improve it yourself.

5 Tips for A Smooth Document Management Workflow

document management

Your document workflow has a major impact on business operations, whether or not you recognize it. It's time to realize that information sharing is a critical business function and streamlining this process might make a lot of sense for your organization.

From communicating with clients to collaborating with the office, business requires consistent interaction, and your work style needs to meet current methods. Almost everyone operates entirely online and within electronic documents, files, and resources, and your business is no exception.

We'll review some ways that document management can improve business operations and workflow and make your customers and employees happier and more efficient.

Color Printing 101: Print Profiles

color printing

We all know how to print in color, of course. But as your business is growing, you'll find yourself doing in-house design and other projects, and color printing becomes a little more involved.

Read on for some basic tips to help you start out with some skills.

Things to Consider

There are some key color profiles and basics about color in hard copy that you'll want to know as you venture into design and print.

Don't worry! We lined them out here with simple explanations for you to get started.


Most color profiles that you have seen are in RGB, which stands for red, green, and blue. RGB is based on an additive property of colors and makes up the profile that you see on screens, like TVs and cell phones.

RGB profiles add the values of each primary color's wavelength and produce a vivid color on a screen.

What Can Managed IT Do For Me?

managed IT

The world of IT can sometimes be confusing, which can make it a stressful aspect of business management for any owner.

Maybe you've heard of managed IT, or managed cloud services. This service is a way to take the concern of IT off your plate and ask professionals for help - one of the greatest keys to a successful business.

Managed IT Services - Explained

Managed IT involves services hosted by a third party in addition to an on-premises cloud solution and IT troubleshooting.

It's an essential way to flex your IT availability, budget, and focus so that with or without your internal team, you can ensure that the workload is covered and all security, technology, and updates are under control.

NovaCopy Management Team Buys Company

Novacopy Management Team

Nashville, TENN – Nashville-based NovaCopy, an award-winning provider of print technology and innovative business solutions, has been acquired by its current senior management team with equity financing provided by Trivest Partners, LP, a private investment firm that focuses on founder and family-owned businesses in the Southeast.

Founded in 1999, NovaCopy has been recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States for more than 10 years and has 11 locations with revenues of $80 million in 2016. NovaCopy has acquired three companies in the past eight months with seven potential acquisitions, in various stages, currently underway.

NovaCopy Offering Free Copiers for Non-Profits

Community Program Slated for Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex

DALLAS– NovaCopy, Inc., a leading provider of innovative document workflow solutions and state-of-the-art office technology, as well as one of Konica Minolta’s top Copier dealers in the United States, is expanding its donated copier program to the Dallas-FT. Worth Metroplex.

"NovaCopy has traditionally played an active role in the local communities it serves, said NovaCopy CEO, Darren Metz.  ”This year we wanted to expand that role in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area with our “Copiers for Non-Profits Program.” It’s a great way to serve those organizations that in-turn contribute to the well-being of others.”

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