Content Management

Content Management

When information is fragmented into different systems it's difficult to access and combine data. Connecting all of your existing systems (like CRM or ERP) with all of your business-related materials (i.e. documents, projects, cases, and other information) should be seamless. Novatech's Content Management Solutions empower you to do just that.


Novatech’s Content Management solutions provide businesses with an easy-to-use solution that enables users to quickly find the exact content they need, regardless of what application it resides in. The key benefits to a Novatech Content Management solution are:

  • Easy, secure, access to all of your content
  • Greater protection for your sensitive information
  • Convenient access (in-office and remote) to your documents
  • Mobile device-friendly
  • Unified information access across multiple platforms
  • Optimized processes and productivity
  • Adapts to your evolving needs
  • Flexible deployment


Novatech helps small to enterprise businesses find, share and secure documents and information, even in highly-regulated industries:

Content Management Features

With a Novatech Content Management solution, companies can ensure that the right content is in the right hands at the right time, which enables organizations to focus on using the information to drive growth, value, and innovation. Further features of a Novatech Content Management solution are:

Document Management

Novatech’s Document Management software is robust, cost-effective and easy to deploy. It allows you to:

  • Index and store scanned documents and files effortlessly
  • Retrieve files with a simple word search
  • Integrate our IT solutions with other software easily
  • Back important documents up with cloud services
  • Categorize documents to make it even easier to find files when you need them

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Automated Workflow

Our Automated Workflow solution allows you to streamline your processes and eliminate errors. You’ll be able to route files to the people who’ll need them with minimal effort. In turn, this allows you to save time and money and keep employees and collaborators on task.

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As more information is saved and more business is conducted online, document security has become both more critical and more challenging. Novatech’s security solution enables you to protect your files without interfering with your workflows and productivity.

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Mobile Access

Novatech also has a solution to help you get work done on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You’ll have the ability to access important files while working remotely. Not only that, you’ll be able to print documents without worrying about information falling into the wrong hands.

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Artificial Intelligence

Novatech stays on top of technological advances to help clients increase their competitive edge. With our artificial intelligence solutions, you make your workflows faster and more flexible than you’d ever thought possible.

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Cloud Services

With Novatech’s Cloud Services solution, you can protect your critical information in the event of a disaster. By backing up your files and data in the cloud, we can ensure your continuity for your business.

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Other Document Solutions

Novatech offers many more document solutions to help you see amazing improvements to your operations:

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