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Consolidate your Office Needs with Multifunction Copiers

The need for better use of space and more efficient processes has pushed many businesses into looking for new ways to get things done, and that's where multifunction copiers enter the picture. The old method of having multiple office devices, each with a singular task, spread all over the office just isn't working anymore. Copiers can perform a number of key roles such as copying, printing, scanning, and faxing. They can help you get work done faster, maximize the productivity of your office staff, and maintain your competitive edge.  

Novatech is an authorized Canon and Konica Minolta dealer, providing area businesses with the best copiers and printers on the market today. Whether you're needing a desktop device for a small office in Atlanta, a fleet of standalone devices for corporate offices in Dallas, or any number of configurations in one of our other markets; Novatech can meet business needs of all sizes. Our technology consulting team will help you find the right device to transform your information processes into an effortless workflow ideal for collaboration. If you're ready to free up space and manage your documents more effectively, then it might be time for a multifunction copier.


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Features and Benefits of Copiers

With copiers and other multifunction devices, you can combine functionality that might traditionally come from multiple pieces of equipment into one simple-to-use device. Some of these impressive features and benefits include:

  • Make consistent copies without loss of image quality
  • Print hundreds of pages in just minutes
  • Have the options for duplex printing and finishing
  • Scan documents to multiple file formats such as JPEG, PDF, and TIFF
  • Scan documents to various locations such as USB, Network Folders, Email, and FTP
  • Integrate devices with cloud services
  • Preserve image quality and details in your scans
  • Fax directly from your multifunction copiers
  • Lower your carbon footprint with Energy Star certified designs

Novatech has equipment to enhance your productivity in the following markets:

  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Atlanta
  • Nashville
  • Memphis
  • Chattanooga
  • Jackson
  • Knoxville
  • Hattiesburg
  • Meridian
  • Cape Girardeau
  • Malden

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