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Managed Security

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A Threat to your Tech Security
is a Threat to Your Bottom Line.

Let the experts secure your network.
We’ve got the tools to do more and stay secure.

  • On call, advanced cybersecurity expertise, 24/7
  • Best-of-breed cybersecurity technology
  • Protection against email-borne phishing, scams and cyber-threats that can seriously damage your company
  • We work tirelessly to keep your business assets safe
  • Lower CyberSecurity costs (employing a single IT security specialist can cost, on average, $72,000+ annually)
12-Layer Security

12-Layer Security

CyberSecurity is a moving target.

We’re good. Very good. We’ve been at this for over 25 years and we work with the best security experts/companies in the business to provide our clients with maximum protection. But cyber-criminals are also very good and as soon as we stop them from coming in one way, they are trying to find another. Our 12 layers of security (and ask us about Advanced Security Services) are an ever-changing, ever-growing suite of security tools that provide a broad layer of protection that is constantly updated.

Our national security agencies (FBI, CIA, etc.) have to be right 100% of the time while terrorists only have to get it right once. Same here. We have been called in on cases where less-than-optimal cybersecurity stopped cyber attacks literally tens of thousands of times, only to let one in - just once - and cause a company serious, expensive problems.

Unified Email Management (UEM)

Email is one of the most vulnerable touch points in most organizations, but not only do many firms lack reliable email continuity and archiving for compliance, eDiscovery subpoenas and other needs, but they also have not implemented email security measures to effectively thwart cyber attacks.

To help prevent an email catastrophe in any business, Novatech provides its Unified Email Management (UEM) solution, a secure email gateway that examines every email, stopping both known and emerging email-borne threats before they reach your network. UEM also protects your firm with enterprise-grade email encryption, archiving and continuity, paired with an always-on, cloud-based email security platform that delivers 100% anti-virus and 99% anti-spam blocking, with 0.0001% spam false positives. This solution works in concert with your existing email system and adds a great deal of important functionality.

End-to-End Email Protection diagram

IT Compliance by Industry

CyberSecurity has passed the infancy stage and is on the minds of corporate executives worldwide. Along with this has come the need to go beyond the basics. Specific industries are being scrutinized by both governmental agencies and industry specific self-regulating organizations.

We know your industry.

With over 25 years of experience, we have worked in almost every industry sector and have seen and met almost every IT challenge.

Maybe your industry doesn’t have specific guidelines, but that doesn’t let you off the hook. You are still obligated to subscribe to basic IT security standards, the standards that we at Novatech follow daily. Failure to do so can open the door to lawsuits, government intervention, public relations nightmares and then some.

Labeled sprockets with cybersecurity topics

Industries with Specific CyberSecurity Implications

  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Architects, Engineers & Contractors
  • Financial
  • Non-Profit
  • Manufacturing & Prototyping
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Education & Government

Advanced Security Services

Novatech advanced security services takes protecting your data and IT environment to the next level. Companies that want or need a more robust security posture can add more services to the 12 layer security posture included with our managed IT support plans. Any of these services can be added to increase your security.