See and Assign Costs Accurately with Novatech’s Departmental Billing Solution

With Novatech’s departmental billing solution, you can see and manage printing and related expenses across workgroups and branches. It gives you:

Insights into Workplace Activity

You’ll be able to monitor how people use your devices in different departments and locations. When someone is printing too much or using an inefficient printer, you’ll spot it. From there, you can take steps to correct wasteful or inappropriate practices.

More Integrated Office Environments

Departmental billing helps unify your company’s different branches. Our solution integrates easily with most third-party programs. You can assess and allocate expenses to the appropriate users, departments, and branches reliably. You can also create and distribute reports automatically to ensure that you stay up-to-date on activity.

Optimized Processes

By enabling you to see who’s using your devices and what they’re doing, our solution gives you the opportunity to improve your processes. You can:

  • Use audit trails to ensure the security of your documents
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your printing
  • Determine which devices need removal or upgrading
  • Foster a greater sense of responsibility across your enterprise

More Cost Recovery Solutions

Novatech has other solutions to help you recover costs and manage your workplaces better:

  • FollowMe Printing can help you eliminate inefficiencies and waste from your printing practices.
  • Tracking makes administration of your printing environment much less complicated.
  • Reporting gives you invaluable insights into your printing and scanning processes.

Click the links to learn more. To discuss how our departmental billing solution can improve your ability to allocate costs and more, contact us.