How Novatech Helps Educators

Novatech’s offerings have helped teachers and administrators accomplish a wide range of important tasks. They’ve benefitted from such products, services, and solutions as the following:

2D Copiers

Our copiers allow you to do more with your documents. You can produce high volumes of error-free prints and copies quickly and consistently. On top of that, you can scan files to several formats and store or distribute them efficiently.

Advanced Capture

Novatech’s suite of advanced capture solutions can help you process and organize large amounts of information. You can extract data from your scanned documents automatically and view content from many different sources in one place. If you need to switch over to new systems and applications, we can help make the transition as painless as possible.


With Novatech’s MPS, you can optimize your organization’s printing practices. You’ll be able to reduce your printing expenses, improve your carbon footprint and avoid expensive service calls and repairs.

Managed IT

Novatech can also help you maintain and improve your IT network. You can call our live help desk 24/7 or have us monitor your systems remotely. We can also assist you with purchasing new equipment, develop and fine-tune your IT strategy and much more.

Cloud Storage

Educators must store and access huge volumes of records and documents. Novatech’s cloud storage solution makes it cheaper and easier to do. You can save on funds connected to physical storage and maintaining in-house servers.

For more information on these offerings, click the links. To discuss how any of our products, services, and solutions can help make your vision real, contact us.