See Printer Activity with FollowMe Printing

Novatech can provide you with FollowMe Printing, which lets you see activity on your printer fleet with impressive clarity and detail. This solution gives you:

Reliable Print Activity & Cost Data

Without the right technology in place, it can be nearly impossible to track the expenses related to printer fleet activity. When you can’t tell exactly how much you spend, your printing costs can devour more and more of your budget.

FollowMe Printing allows you to track activity on your printers with absolute accuracy. You can see how much your printing costs in terms of dollars and cents as well as environmental impact.

Reduced Print Time & Expenses

Once you get precise information on your printer usage, you can start taking steps to rein in wasteful practices:

  • You can set up quotas for individual users, devices or departments.
  • You can establish workflows for specific business processes.
  • You can route print jobs to devices that can handle the workload best.

You’ll be able make your processes more efficient and cost-effective. You can also gain opportunities to eliminate redundant devices and manage your carbon footprint better.

Improved Document Security

In addition to reducing your waste and expenses, FollowMe Printing can keep your documents from falling into the wrong hands either by accident or through theft. You can:

  • Prevent the release of print jobs unless a user is at the device
  • Maintain a uniform level of security across desktop and workgroup printers
  • Take advantage of data encryption and usage restrictions

FollowMe Printing has helped organizations meet compliance for:

  • GLBA
  • Sarbanes-Oxley

More Cost Recovery Solutions

Novatech’s other Cost Recovery solutions can help you take control of your printer fleet:

  • Departmental Billing lets you recover expenses and encourage responsible printing.
  • Tracking allows you to observe how people use your devices.
  • Reporting gives you valuable insights into billing, data management and more.

To discuss how our solutions can make your business vision real, contact us.