Free Meeting Space

Tired of paying too much money for a convenient meeting facility? Whether you're a professional meeting planner, company employee or a volunteer, booking suitable meeting space can often be pricey. Novatech has the answer. 

Novatech's state-of-the-art, world-class showrooms are available to area businesses, organizations, boards, chambers and councils for executive and group business meetings... FREE of charge! 

Key Details:

  • Our business-oriented (B2B) meeting space is available during business hours (M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Due to the number of requests we receive, we limit  meetings to the following examples:
    • Executive Staff or Board Meetings
    • Business Networking Meetings & Seminars
    • Business-related Planning Meetings
    • Chamber of Commerce Meetings & Related Events
    • Marketing and/or Media-Related Education/Training
    • Professional Development & Training for Business Staff
  • Examples of meetings we are unable to accomodate:
    • Interviews & Recruiting-based meeting
    • Non-business related events (i.e. rehearsals, pagents, movie screenings, music, etc.)
    • Political/Campaign-related Gatherings
    • Religious Services
    • Sales Demonstrations or Transactions
  • Each office has its own style of seating & parking limitations (see below)
  • Reservations are required
  • 24 Hours advance notice for all cancelations
  • Novatech reserves the right to decline any submission in event of scheduling conflict or conflict of interest. We, also, request guests maintain conversational tones in respect to our Service and Admin teams working near the meeting spaces

Our Dallas-Ft.Worth facility includes:

  • 3270 square feet of space
  • Conference room (1360 sq. ft)
  • Bistro with sink, stove and microwave
  • U-shape seating arrangement (18-40 people)
  • Sound System 
  • Wireless & wired Internet
  • Projector & Screen
  • Podium
  • Easy caterer access and set-up
  • Parking: Lot, 40 spaces
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Showroom can hold 100 people

Our Memphis facility includes:

  • 3000 square feet of space
  • Conference room
  • Bistro with sink & microwave
  • Boardroom Seating for 40 people
  • Sound system w/microphone 
  • Wireless Internet
  • Projector & Screen
  • Easy caterer access and set-up
  • Parking: lot
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Showroom can hold 200+

Novatech does not provide catering, but recommends the following:

  • Dallas:      Aspen Catering, Jason's Deli, Panera Bread, i Fratelli Pizza, or Cowboy Chicken
  • Memphis: Donelson's Catering, or Laura Lee's Lunchables

Please fill out the information fields below. You will be contacted within one business day to discuss your event.

Novatech reserves the right to change reservations date when conflicts arise.

By submitting a request to use our Free Meeting Space, you agree to cleanup after your meeting and return the seating as you found it or pay a $500 cleaning and re-set fee.

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