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Key Industries


Imaging, records, sensitive document management, robust and flexible infrastructure, and reliable hardware are critical to the needs of the healthcare industry. From caregiving to billing, our solutions support our drive to provide your organization with anytime, anywhere access to technology and platforms specialized to the needs of the healthcare sector.

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Conjuring up tomorrow’s skyline with cutting edge systems and software and taking that tech into the anytime, anywhere world of construction. It’s a summary of today’s reality, but not long ago it was known as “the future.” Now, we live in the future, and those creating the built environment may benefit most from a singular partner with an unparalleled command of these resources.

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Whether regulatory compliance such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) is a primary need, network integrity and security are your focus in the era of critical fortification against cyber threats or your firm simply needs reliable report printing and binding the first time and every time, Novatech brings the right equipment, software and experience to the project.


World-class business technology doesn’t have to be out of reach for the organizations who support our communities. Novatech has been a key resource for non-profit clients for decades. We offer a donation program for copiers and printers and enjoy strong relationships with vendors offering non-profit license and rate structures.

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3D Printing has ushered in a new era of industrial revolution. As a leading source for the complete lines of Markforged and HP 3D printers, Novatech is opening the door to the cutting edge of additive manufacturing, disruption and streamlining of the supply chain, product development, minimizing tooling costs and more.


Aerospace - in commercial, industrial and military applications - is a driving force in the evolution of 3D Printing technology for manufacturing end-use parts as well as prototyping. 3D Printing can alleviate supply chain constraints, limit warehouse space and reduce wasted materials from traditional manufacturing processes. Rapid production of aircraft parts on-demand saves space, time and money.

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From the track to the production line, 3D Printing enables the automotive sector to leverage high-strength 3D printed parts at any stage of the production cycle. The large volumes of parts the automotive industry produces annually combined with the fast prototyping and production capabilities of 3D printing create the perfect match.


Municipalities, law enforcement, agencies and all levels of educational institutions handle a staggering volume of documents, printing, technology administration and security compliance concerns. We help the public sector bring the best resources to bear when doing the business of the people.

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