How Novatech Helps Law Firms

Attorneys and paralegals need to deal with a wide range of documents in the course of doing business. Novatech has a wide variety of products, services, and solutions that make it easier to handle large volumes of information. These include:

2D Copiers

Novatech’s copiers allow you to do the work of several devices on one. Not only can you print and copy high volumes of documents quickly, but you can also scan files and fax or email them directly from your machine. Also, features like hard drive encryption and automatic data overwrite help ensure that the wrong people can’t access your sensitive information.

Document Management

Novatech’s document management solution can keep your firm’s files organized, protected and easily accessible. While you can use audit trails to see who accesses your documents, you can find important files whenever you need them.


With our security solution, you can protect your information from hackers, computer viruses, and any other online threats. You’ll be able to avoid legal penalties and preserve the reputation of your organization.

Artificial Intelligence

Novatech has also had great success in enhancing the operations of our legal industry clients through artificial intelligence. We can show you how to streamline your processes involving electronic files, ensuring their security every step of the way.

Managed IT

Novatech can help you tighten up your network’s security as well. We can work with you to design and set up your entire IT infrastructure. You can also take advantage of services like managed antivirus and email spam filtering.

For more information on these products and solutions, click the links. To discuss how our offerings can help enhance your vision for your organization, contact us.