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Novatech’s Managed Print Services (MPS) give your organization a new vision of productivity. Our MPS specialists can help you streamline your workflows, reduce costs and much more.

Do you know how much your printers and copiers really cost? Far too often, companies fail to realize how much their printing costs. According to recent research, 90% of businesses lack the ability to fully assess their print-related expenses. That percentage is especially troubling when you consider that printing ranks as one of the highest office expenses along with payroll and rent. This is understandable, as most companies’ printer fleet have grown slowly as various printers are acquired over the years. This assortment of copiers and printers, supplies, support contracts, and service providers not only creates unnecessary expenses, it can also hamper productivity.

If you have trouble answering the following questions, Novatech MPS solutions might be needed:

  • How many printers are on your network?

  • How much are you spending on toner?

  • Are color printers being misused?

  • Do printer issues disrupt your business?

  • How much IT staff time is spent supporting printers?

Benefits of MPS

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Novatech’s MPS offers you a variety of outstanding benefits. They include:

1. Reliable Visibility and Management

You’ll gain the ability to track activity on your printer fleet with incredible details and accuracy. You’ll get reports that include analyses of your usage and compliance requirements. These will allow you to understand the true cost of your printer usage.

2. Continuous Printer Fleet Optimization

Once you get an accurate picture of your printing practices, Novatech’s technology consulting experts can show you how to improve them. This could involve:

  • Setting restrictions to eliminate excessive usage

  • Redeploying devices throughout your workplace

  • Removing redundant or obsolete devices

    With Novatech’s Managed Print Services, reduce costs by up to 30%, free up your IT department and increase productivity. We can help minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your various devices while maximizing your productivity.


Enhanced Document Security

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Printers and copiers are a commonly overlooked security concern. MPS helps you set up features like user authentication to keep your documents from falling into the wrong hands.


The Novatech MPS Solution

Fortunately, there is a smart way to manage printers that lowers costs, improves your IT solutions and improves productivity. Novatech’s MPS program helps you get control of your printer fleet. Here’s how it works:

1. Print Fleet Assessment

The first step is to understand your print fleet. Using non-invasive data collection software we are able to determine the Total Cost of Ownership of your printer fleet. You get a detailed report that reveals:

  • An inventory of inkjet and laser printers and multifunction copiers on your network
  • How many pages are being printed on each device
  • What users are printing the most pages

2. Print Fleet Optimization

Next, we work together to optimize your existing fleet with technology consulting. Redundant or aging devices can be recycled. Low-cost devices can be redeployed to high-volume areas. Where appropriate, you may decide to consolidate print, copy and scan functions with multifunction systems.

3. Proactive Printer and Supply Management

The same software that we used for data collection is now used to manage your printer fleet.

  • We continually monitor your copiers and printers, alerting us to support issues before they become business-interrupting problems
  • When printers run low on supplies we automatically ship new cartridges, eliminating the cost (and theft risk) of stockpiling supply inventories
  • When printers require support, we dispatch a certified service professional to properly repair your devices

All of this is provided inside a program with a predictable and transparent budget, giving you complete control and visibility over your true printing savings.

4. Ongoing Optimization

Over time we can continue to optimize your printer infrastructure. Management reports on printing usage reveal areas for cost reduction and productivity improvement. Looking at printer output also reveals potential work flow improvement opportunities. We can collaborate with you to find ways to streamline the flow of information through your business processes.


More Sustainable Practices

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With Novatech’s MPS, you won’t just improve your bottom line—you’ll help the planet too. We can help you:

  • Reduce supply waste
  • Minimize energy usage
  • Set up and enforce more sustainable office practices

Ready to lower your printing expenses, free up your IT department and increase productivity? Novatech’s ready to help. See how you can benefit...