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Document Solutions

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Capture, Store and Distribute Critical Information With Document Solutions

Your business' success can depend on your ability to successfully manage its most valuable resource: information. Novatech’s extensive Document Management technology stack will ensure your business information stays accessible, flexible and secure.

A Novatech Document Solutions strategy will provide a secure, searchable repository of your data, boosting productivity, reducing costs and enhancing security. Business benefits of Document Solutions include:

  • Capture, store and distribute content with greater speed and security
  • Track, allocate and reduce the expense associated with your copiers, printers, and document distribution
  • Access your critical data and documents while on the go with cloud services
  • Enhance the flexibility and efficiency of your various workflows

Document Solutions let you avoid the headaches that come with handling paper files.

Free up office space by getting rid of bulky filing cabinets. Reduce or eliminate the potential for filing errors. Spend less on storage and concentrate on profit-driving activities.

Empower your business to guard against unauthorized access to your documents. Using detailed audit trails, you will always know who views your documents, when different users access them and what changes are made.

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Capture & Scan

Extend and enhance the lifespan and organizational features of printed documents. Integrate easily with the applications and cloud services businesses use every day, including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 - to name a few.

Advanced Capture

Connecting all of your existing systems - like customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) - with all of your business-related materials (i.e. documents, projects, cases, and other information) should be seamless.  Our solutions empower you to do just that, within our power Managed Office ecosystem.

Document Management

Your business success can depend on your ability to store, access and share your critical information. With Novatech’s Document Management Solutions, you can achieve a vision of optimal productivity - ensuring that the right content is in the right hands at the right time, using information to drive growth, value and innovation.

Cost Recovery

When you can’t tell exactly how much you spend on printing, those costs can devour your budget. Novatech’s Cost Recovery solutions allow you to track activity on your copiers and printers with absolute accuracy - keeping you well within your budget.

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Let our experts evaluate your printing needs. Novatech's Free Cost Analysis will help you choose the technology you need, on-budget. We will analyze your needs and include a quote for recommended solutions in our expert and detailed response. Get started today!

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