Expand the Vision of Your Workplace

Novatech’s Mobile Access solution gives you the power to do more both in the office and out. It presents a number of strong benefits to your operations, including:

Seamless Device Compatibility

Our solution allows you to use a wide range of devices without worrying about compatibility. You can capture, view and print information with your smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Expanded Business Processes

You’ll have the ability to get work done from almost anywhere in the world—all you’ll need is an internet connection.

Greater Working Flexibility

You can capture information from a wide range of sources, store it on your network or in the cloud and bring it up again whenever you need it.

Powerful, Reliable Data Security

While our solution makes your business information more accessible, it also keeps your documents secure. You’ll be able to manage your mobile devices and operate according to compliance standards and internal security policies.

More Content Management Solutions

Novatech has many more Content Management solutions to help expand your vision of business productivity:

Click the links for more details. To discuss how Mobile Access or any of our other solutions can help make your vision real, contact us.