Expand Your Printing Vision

Novatech’s top priority is helping clients make their business visions real. With our diverse stock of standalone printers and wide format devices, you can get error-free, finely detailed documents in many sizes.

Features of Novatech’s Network Printers

When you purchase one of Novatech’s network printers, you get:

Advanced, Eco-Conscious Designs

Our devices’ sophisticated designs allow you to print faster, at a higher quality and with less power. They come with such superior features as:

  • High dpi resolutions for crisp text and more vivid image details
  • Reduced energy requirements
  • Automatic duplex printing for less wasted paper
  • Minimized warmup and first copy times
  • Network connectivity

Printing Versatility

Our available equipment can print on media that other printers may not be able to handle. Not only that, you can print in a diverse range of sizes.

Features of Novatech’s Wide Format Printers

If your business depends on documents like CAD drawings and posters, our wide format printers might be just what you need. Our machines give you:

Fast, High-Quality Larger Prints

Extremely high print resolutions ensure that your larger prints have the fine lines and sharp details that you need. Our devices also have hundreds of GBs of memory, which allow you to make prints and copies faster.

Multifunction Capabilities

Some of our wide format devices enable you to scan your larger documents as well. You can store them and collaborate with others far more easily.

Easy Integration with Popular Apps

Our wide format printers integrate seamlessly with many of the apps that businesses use every day, including:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft Office 365 Online

Novatech’s Document Solutions & Services

In addition to our printing equipment, Novatech offers a wide range of document-related solutions and services:

  • MPS gives you valuable data on printing usage in your workplace. From there, our printing experts can help you minimize waste and expenses and boost productivity.
  • Document Management enables you to store your files electronically. You can retrieve files whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Our Security solution prevents your sensitive information from theft or unauthorized access.
  • FollowMe Printing lets you take greater control of your printing processes.

See the Services and Document Solutions sections of our site for more details.

For specifications on our standalone network printers and wide format devices, see our Product Catalog. To ask how any of our offerings can help make your business vision real, contact us.