Get a Clear Picture of Activity and Costs

Novatech’s reporting solution allows you to track activity throughout your organization involving:

  • Printing and Copying
  • Faxing and Emailing
  • Document Scanning and Storage

You’ll be able to export data in several formats and create customized reports for a variety of business purposes. Our solution also offers you:

Easy, Accurate Activity Tracking

You’ll have the ability to monitor the activities of various users on your network. You can analyze trends and uncover area for improvement. You’ll also gain the opportunity to manage your carbon footprint better and meet your industry’s requirement for information security easier.

Accurate Cost Allocation

Our reporting solution enables you to assign costs to the budgets of specific departments reliably. This will encourage your staff to behave more responsibly. In addition to this, our solution gives you the ability to identify inefficient or redundant devices.

Improved Billing

Novatech’s reporting solution gives you the information needed to allocate costs accurately. It integrates with many popular accounting solutions and allows you to recoup expenses from the right departments.

Flexible, Effective Data Management

You’ll have the option of modifying reporting templates to suit your budgetary and security processes. You can generate records and have them sent to appropriate personnel automatically.

More Cost Recovery Solutions

Novatech has other cost recovery solutions to help you manage your operations better:

  • FollowMe Printing lets you monitor and regulate your document processes.
  • Departmental Billing can help foster a greater sense of accountability among your employees.
  • Tracking enables you to manage your entire printer fleet remotely.

Click the links to learn more. To discuss how our various solutions can help make your business vision real, contact us.