Don’t Be Blind to Security Vulnerabilities

Advances in office technology have greatly enhanced how you can store, produce and distribute critical information. At the same time, they can also leave you vulnerable to malware and other online threats. That’s why Novatech offers a Security solution.

With our solution, you can:

  • Keep your personal and business information safe from malicious intrusions
  • Ensure business continuity in the face of disasters and system crashes
  • Avoid potential legal penalties and tarnishes to your brand

Why Use Novatech’s Security Solution?

Novatech’s Security solution allows you to:

Protect Your Equipment, Processes & Documents

We can help protect you both from current threats and future ones. You’ll have the ability to:

  • Take advantage of security features on your 2D Copiers and printers, including hard drive encryption, automatic data overwrite and user authentication
  • Secure your servers and computers against malicious programs and users
  • Fix system bugs and vulnerabilities with minimal effort
  • Prevent your confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands through theft or simple human error

Meet Compliance Easier

Novatech’s Security solution enables you to comply with government and industry standards, including:


Improve Customer Trust & Satisfaction

By keeping your critical documents private and protected, our security solution helps foster greater trust in your business. You’ll be able to get work done without costly interruptions to your productivity. In turn, you’ll make a better impression on customers and enhance your brand.

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