Automated Classification

Advantages of Automated Classification Solution

Novatech’s automated classification solution improves the speed and flexibility of your workflows. It gives you:

Optimal Information Organization and Prioritization

Our solution allows you to prioritize your information in order of importance. Thanks to sophisticated natural language processing and other technologies, you can trust that you’ll be able to find critical documents and data as soon as you need them. In turn, this can help you handle audits and e-Discovery better.

Database Integration

A Greater Whole for Your Business Data

Novatech’s database integration solution lets you expand your vision of your company’s potential. It gives you:

A Secure, Scalable Environment

You can connect a wide range of systems in a secure environment, which you can scale to meet your evolving business needs. You can keep using the applications and infrastructure that you’ve grown accustomed to while incorporating new solutions.

Automatic Data Extraction

See Optimized Processing with Automatic Data Extraction

Novatech’s automatic data extraction solution allows you to see new levels of efficiency with your document processing. It gives you a variety of outstanding benefits, including:

Understanding Document Volumes

You’ll gain a greater understanding of your document filing and data entry processes. From there, you can start to fine-tune your workflows for more effective information handling.


See Impressive Advances in Productivity with Document Solutions

Novatech's extensive selection of document solutions allows you to:

  • Capture, store and distribute content with greater speed and security
  • Track, allocate and reduce expenses associated with your printing, scanning and distribution processes
  • Access your critical data and documents while on the go
  • Enhance the flexibility and efficiency of your various workflows

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