Cloud Storage

Keep Your Vision Unclouded by Data Loss with Cloud Services

Novatech’s cloud services protect your important files and help you keep your eye on business. We offer you the following:

Cloud Services

All of your company’s critical data will be saved on fully managed virtual servers. You’ll get all the advantages of first-rate data centers without the huge expenses that go into maintaining your own hardware.

Artificial Intelligence

Go Beyond Your Boldest Visions

At Novatech, we work hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to document solutions and business technology. Nothing exemplifies this better than our artificial intelligence solutions.

We partner with industry leaders like Konica Minolta, which has made AI one of the cornerstones of their “Workplace of the Future” solutions. You can reach levels of productivity that exceed even your boldest visions.

Mobile Access

Expand the Vision of Your Workplace

Novatech’s Mobile Access solution gives you the power to do more both in the office and out. It presents a number of strong benefits to your operations, including:

Seamless Device Compatibility

Our solution allows you to use a wide range of devices without worrying about compatibility. You can capture, view and print information with your smartphones, laptops, and tablets.


Don’t Be Blind to Security Vulnerabilities

Advances in office technology have greatly enhanced how you can store, produce and distribute critical information. At the same time, they can also leave you vulnerable to malware and other online threats. That’s why Novatech offers a Security solution.

With our solution, you can:

Automated Workflow

See Optimized Efficiency with Automated Workflow

As the business world moves further into the digital realm, companies have exciting opportunities to increase their productivity. Novatech’s Automated Workflow solution allows you to see those opportunities for yourself. We can help you:

Document Management

Look Up Your Documents When You Need Them

Your business success can depend on your ability to store, access and share your critical information. With Novatech’s Document Management solution, you can achieve a vision of optimal productivity.

Advantages of Novatech’s Document Management Solution

Novatech’s Document Management solution gives you:


See Impressive Advances in Productivity with Document Solutions

Novatech's extensive selection of document solutions allows you to:

  • Capture, store and distribute content with greater speed and security
  • Track, allocate and reduce expenses associated with your printing, scanning and distribution processes
  • Access your critical data and documents while on the go
  • Enhance the flexibility and efficiency of your various workflows

Go to these sections of our website for information on specific solutions:

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