See and Manage Activity on Your Printer Fleet

Novatech’s tracking solution gives you valuable, actionable insights into your printer fleet. It delivers:

Remote Administration of Your Printing Environment

You’ll gain the ability to manage printers across your entire network through a web-based interface. A sophisticated, user-friendly monitor allows you to see activity across your entire fleet. When you need to add, locate or remove users and devices, you can do so with maximum efficiency. It also gives you access to a variety of valuable reporting tools and information.

Easy Administration of Clients

Our tracking solution lets you manage print jobs on a per-user basis. You can rein in wasteful or otherwise inappropriate usage and reduce the need for service and help desk calls. You can also predict your printing expenses with greater accuracy and reliability.

Convenient, Enterprise-Wide Policy Management

In addition to monitoring activity on your printer fleet, our tracking solutions allows you to set up, configure and enforce policies as well. You’ll have the power to:

  • Route jobs to appropriate devices
  • Delete print jobs from queues
  • Customize policies to fit the specific needs of your business
  • Create reports that measure the success of your policies

More Cost Recovery Solutions

Novatech has other cost recovery solutions to help you manage your printing processes and expenses better:

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